Offices/Residential/Corporate Headquarters

Services offered:

Acoustic comfort at this kind of spaces is a priority for all of their users. Good acoustic conditions allows for adequate comfort levels and, also, in the case of offices and corporate headquarters, a pleasant work environment.

In addition, a correct acoustic insulation level between spaces of different use is needed to achieve the desired privacy between them. Compliance with local regulation, which is mandatory for residential buildings and offices and lays down minimum acoustic insulation requirements between different spaces, must be guaranteed by carrying out the corresponding acoustic project.

In offices and corporate headquarters, certain installations require noisy external machinery. All of these involve noise sources that must be controlled to ensure all applicable regulations are complied with, allowing for the required activity licenses to be obtained.

At decision-making centres of companies and public bodies, the presence of technical staff is not usually desired. The design of easily operated audiovisual devices allows participants to focus their attention on the event being held with no need of worrying about technical issues.