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Acoustic comfort in a hotel is a key factor for ensuring the comfort of guests. Lounges, meeting rooms, restaurants and common areas may be acoustically uncomfortable spaces and may not even be fit for use if they are not properly designed from an acoustic point of view.

It is also fundamental to achieve the necessary level of acoustic insulation between rooms, conference rooms and common areas, as well as good acoustic insulation against outdoor noise. Compliance with local regulation guarantees the minimum acoustic insulation requirements for the whole building.

For conference rooms, meeting rooms, restaurants and cafeterias, minimising the installations’ noise and vibration levels is fundamental. Regarding rooms, ensuring guests can rest is a must and this should be done by controlling inside background noise. It is also a key issue that current regulations regarding outside noise generated by such installations be met.

Hotels have become business centres where companies and individuals carry out product presentations, meetings, conventions and conferences. Designing the appropriate audiovisual systems is essential to ensure room occupancy and to guarantee return on investment.